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A record amount of investment flowed to digital health in 2021. Not all will succeed.

We know what it takes to survive and thrive.

Record investment flowed to digital health in 2021.

Green Room Helps YOU be a Winner

The dust from the 2021 digital health investment frenzy seems to be settling down. Is every company in your investment portfolio positioned to succeed? Are they viable businesses? Will they meet their market and clinical value propositions? Can they maintain the pace necessary to hit your investment goals? 

Let’s face it, funding activity is likely to continue at an elevated pace for the time being. Do you have the bandwidth to cut through the noise and systematically source and evaluate digital health and health tech investments without incurring excess risk? 

Green Room Technologies brings years of market, operational, investment experience and standard methodologies to the table to help your portfolio companies be winners.

Vetted Deal Flow

Our early stage clients seek investment partners. When appropriate, Green Room helps the process. Let us introduce you to companies that fit your model, increase appropriate deal flow, and shortcut the decision process.

Green Room Services for Health Tech

Technical Assessment

We work with startups and early stage companies to ensure they can take advantage of FHIR standards, EHR interoperability, and data management which present great growth opportunities

Business Viability

Viability means investability at later stages. A systematic approach to reaching milestones at the right pace increases chances of success. Our operational in-market experience optimizes viability and growth.

Funding Readiness

Green Room prepares our clients for the rigors of fundraising. From appropriate positioning with the right sources to communication and messaging. Following a business viability roadmap assures readiness for funding sources.

In its service to health tech companies,
Green Room often makes introductions to investors like you

Today, Green Room is highlighting 3 exciting companies involved in Medical Imaging:


See blood flow. No dyes. No waiting.

Dynamic Light is a developmental stage software company transitioning to market entry. SpeckleView Technology brings surgeons full-color, continuous, real-time intraoperative visualization of blood flow and perfusion of critical vessels without dyes or procedural interruptions that guides surgeons during the procedure to greater precision.  SpeckleView changes the standard of care and the imaging can be applied to existing hardware. Some have called this imaging advance the most important advance in intraoperative blood flow and perfusion imaging since dyes and microscopes were invented about 50-60 years ago.

Advanced Scanners

Computer Vision for Automating Surgical Navigation

Advanced Scanners is a development stage medical device company transitioning to first product introduction. The ORVis optical scanning platform captures live data on the position and characteristics of patient anatomy that ensures safe, reliable, and automated surgical navigation to a degree of accuracy not available previously. The quality, real time data changes the standard of care.  For patients, guiding surgery leads to precision and preservation of health tissue, faster recovery and fewer complications. For surgeons, the planned procedure can be performed faster and more precisely. For hospitals, there is reduced cost associated with extended recoveries and failed procedures.

Blausen Medical

Scientific and Medical Animations

Founded in 1991, is the developer, owner and licensor of the world's largest library of medical and scientific illustrations and 3D animations. The Blausen Human Atlas is currently licensed and distributed via web, smart phone, and tablet app platforms. Most recently, the Company launched the search engine in conjunction with the Blausen It web browser extension.

Turning Good Ideas
Into Good Business.

It’s our tagline and our Mission.

Green Room brings a deep commitment to healthcare technology with our diverse and proven expertise in innovation and commercialization

Through many years of collective experience, we have learned how to efficiently help young or mature organizations succeed in the strange and challenging world of healthcare markets.

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Content related to investment strategy and funding opportunities in the health care market.

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Chief Medical Officer

Leveraging technology to improve process and outcome, Bob’s career spans clinical practice and executive leadership in Fortune 50 enterprises and prominent healthcare institutions along with experience in the public markets and entrepreneurial startups.

Bob is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease, practicing in the Texas Medical Center for 20 years, and has held leadership roles at Compaq, Dell, and Quorum Health Corporation.

His entrepreneurial experiences were financially successful enterprises that were transformative in their markets for respiratory home care, diabetes chronic care management, healthcare interoperability and Medicare Advantage risk management through transitional care and high risk patient management.

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