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Green Room specializes in business, market and technology readiness
Our clients are health tech companies with medical device and software products
Our services enhance innovation, interoperability, growth and investment potential


Fast forward to FHIR. Stay in the Game!

Green Room provides content and services to assure health tech companies and healthcare providers leverage FHIR based interoperability standards. 

We not only help you meet regulatory requirements but embrace connectivity for innovation, sales and sustainability.

Leveraging standards for Interoperability and Innovation

Beyond simple data exchange, the FHIR interoperability ecosystem includes the SMART on FHIR  and CDS Hooks frameworks that enable automatic launching of your software from an EHR leveraging OAuth2 and OpenID protocols for authentication and authorization. 

Through our talks, tutorials, and technology assessments you will learn advanced features of the FHIR data model, software tools for implementing FHIR-based apps, and FHIR-based higher level languages that enable rapid implementation of innovative healthcare solutions.

Talks: The FHIR Station (FHIR basic)

In this series of 30-minute talks, we describe the business case for FHIR and then dive into an in depth review of technical details and practical applications of the FHIR data standard. Topics include:  

The Evolving Interoperability Ecosystem
SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks
The ONC and CMS Rules
FHIR Queries
The Business Case for FHIR
FHIR, RDF, and Ontologies
Growth through Connectivity with EHRs
FHIR and Connected Medical Devices
Implementing FHIR Applications
FHIR and DICOM imaging
FHIR Resources: Relevant Examples
FHIR Accelerators: Community Projects

Tutorials: FHIR Insurance (FHIR for market capture)

How can you leverage the FHIR infrastructure to solve problems your customers face?  Green Room Technologies will work with your team through in-depth workshops that will help you identify market opportunities, product features and business model options that will position your company as a thought leader and trusted provider of healthcare technology.  

Learn how leveraging FHIR can help you open opportunities for innovation in your market segment. In all of the areas, FHIR is already at work and Green Room Technologies can help you position your products for success

Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Medical Imaging: DICOM
Clinical Decision Support
Blockchain for Healthcare
Care Coordination
Quality Reporting
Data Exchange: Payors and Providers
Infectious Disease Mgmt. (COVID-19)
Consumer Access to Payor Data
Privacy and Security
Consumer Health and Fitness
Knowledge Graphs and Reasoning
Connected Medical Devices
Clinical Research
Point of Care Devices
Social Determinants of Health
Personal Health Devices
Oncology Care
Population Health
Military Healthcare Applications
Public Health

Technologies: FHIR Captain (FHIR as a focus of product innovation and sales)

Green Room will engage with you to assess your current products and product development
roadmap using our Technology Readiness Assessment and help you identify ways to leverage standards and strategic partnerships for innovative development.

From there, Green Room will help you design your healthcare solutions and revise your product roadmap in ways that optimize not only existing but future FHIR capabilities.

Our goal is to support you in developing customized solutions specific to your customers’ needs, reducing barriers and driving sales.

Don't Get Burned!

Green Room Technologies leverages extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare technology to help companies who have developed unique and valuable products successfully to market, creating viable, thriving business.

Joins us in the Green Room and embrace the FHIR:

Green Room Technologies | Turning Good Ideas Into Good Business

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