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In show business, the Green Room is the place where talent goes to perfect their pitch and prepare to wow the world. In surfing, the Green Room is the moment when all elements needed to connect wave and rider come together for the ultimate experience.

These concepts are the inspiration for The Green Room, where a combination of creativity and technology, backed by decades of health tech expertise help you meet the market and propel your technology forward.

Join us in the Green Room!

Kristin Norton, Ph.D

Kristin Norton, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Green Team

Bob Teague MD, Dr. Bob Teague, Chief Medical Officer of Green Room Technologies

Bob Teague, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Darrell Woelk MS, Chief Technology Officer for Green Room Technologies, FHIR, HL7

Darrell Woelk, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Kristin Norton PhD, Chief Science Officer for Green Room Technologies

Kristin Norton, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Jaee Taylor

Jaee Taylor

Digital Design and Development Manager

Heather Perkins

Market Research Analyst & Communication Support

Dan Greenfield

Dan Greenfield

Business and Content Development


Green Room engages the global health tech innovation and commercialization community through our volunteer commitments to accelerators, associations, and universities. We also support and sponsor a number of local businesses and non-profits as well as community activities including the thriving Austin music scene.




Carium’s advanced, virtual care platform provides clinicians with real-time, aggregated health data and analytics that inform, connect, and personalize patient care.

Cybertrust Alliance

Cyber Trust Alliance helps organizations and their third-party vendors manage and track compliance with regulatory initiatives. Using their virtual tele assessment technology and Risk Management software they provide simple and manageable processes for compliance for healthcare.


Botco.ai leverages conversations to drive patient acquisition, patient navigation, and patient engagement while delivering operational efficiencies at scale

DanG Content

DanG Content Marketing specializes in go-to-market support for early-stage health tech and med tech companies.

Blausen Medical

Providing visual drama and scientific accuracy with the world’s largest library of medical and scientific illustrations and 3D animations.

Creative Kong

Creative Kong collaborates with clients to develop brand identities, create cohesive marketing campaigns and materials, and build and execute conferences and large-scale events for clients.

Syzygy Teams

Aligning people, purpose and opportunity, Syzygy helps founders and business owners navigate the complexity and risk of team growth to create winning companies.

Global AGETECH Innovations Lab (GAIL)

A matchmaking laboratory that brings together academia, government agencies, researchers, and innovators from around the world to improve the quality of life for older adults now and in the future.

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