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Green Room specializes in business, market and technology readiness
Our clients are health tech companies with medical device and software products
Our services enhance innovation, interoperability, growth and investment potential


What Happens After the Pitch?

Not all good ideas become good businesses. Many early stage companies participate in accelerator programs of various kinds. There they learn to pitch to potential investors. This is good and valuable. But then what?

Green Room helps early stage companies map their path to business viability. These steps may include funding strategy, market and technology readiness, product-market acceptance, growth strategies, and leveraging standards for innovation and interoperability.

Why join more than one accelerator?

While pitching successfully at an accelerator may help raise non-dilutive funding and provide another badge of accomplishment for the pitch deck, repetitive accelerator participation may actually slow you down. Getting caught up in months of non-sales related work again and again… we see that as a problem.

Nothing says “you’re in business” like someone seeing enough value in your product or service to give you money for it. And there’s no time like now to develop your path to business viability.

What is your product? When can you sell it? We have seldom seen a startup move too fast.

Green Room assists in identifying the optimal path from concept to scale. We use effective methods such as the 3-part value proposition to cut through the healthcare market noise and avoid the Killer C’s: Cost, Complexity, and Change of healthcare market acceptance:.

“The goal is to move fast and to establish market leadership.
You can’t run too quickly toward growth and scale”

Accelerate through knowing the healthcare market

Our product-market assessment and accompanying market research surfaces the insights you need to determine strategic partners and distribution sources, perform proof of concept demonstrations, and identify the most likely target market for entry and growth.

Know what you need to do. Before you go to market you must meet these criteria:

  • Product is ready for market
  • Data sources and uses contribute to business viability
  • Business model, how you make money, is validated

Improve your chances of successful market entry.

  • Demonstrate market readiness
  • Map and achieve the proof points
  • Tie market readiness milestones to funding and capitalization

True Market Readiness

In the end, the only true definition of market readiness that matters is that someone wants to pay your for your product or service.

Selling it repetitively creates your market.

When Should You Contact Green Room?

Reach out to the team at Green Room Technologies:

  • Early in the product validation, market analysis process
  • When you need early sales targets and proof of concept demonstrations
  • As you work to overcome healthcare-specific barriers to adoption


Turn your connected device into a strong and viable business.

Green Room Technologies leverages extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare technology to help companies who have developed unique and valuable products successfully to market, creating viable, thriving business.

Start with Green Room’s exclusive Business Viability Assessment or explore our online resources for Market and Technology Readiness. Learn more here:

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