Heather Perkins

Heather Perkins is an accomplished professional in the field of market research, consistently delving beyond the obvious to unearth intricate patterns and trends that have a profound impact on businesses. As Green Room Technology’s Market Research Analyst, Heather’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for digging deeper help her understand the competitive landscape of healthcare technology while providing clients with fresh and relevant perspectives that keep marketing strategies innovative and effective.

Throughout Heather’s 7 years of marketing experience, she has a long record of helping clients turn their visions into reality. From organizing and executing large events, to content and media creation, Heather possesses a remarkable ability to excel in a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities.

Heather is a proud alumna of Texas State University, where she earned her degree in Health and Wellness Promotion. In her free time, she enjoys paddle boarding and hiking with her family, playing board games, and enjoying Austin’s robust live music scene.

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