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Turning Good Ideas into Good Business.

Green Room specializes in business, market and technology readiness
Our clients are health tech companies with medical device and software products
Our services enhance innovation, interoperability, growth and investment potential

Investor Services Brief:

Green Room Technologies | Business Viability

Business Viability in Health Technology

Not all good ideas become good businesses. There are many healthcare-specific factors at play. Green Room Technologies leverages extensive experience in health technology, business, data and interoperability to help our clients assess and achieve business viability.

Green Room’s services include business viability, market and technology readiness assessments; strategies for de-risking product-market acceptance, and leveraging standards innovation and interoperability.

De-risking your Investment in Healthcare Technology

In addition to health technology companies, Green Room occasionally serves as an advisor to a funding source. Our proprietary Business Viability Assessment provides comprehensive review of a company’s product, market, data, interoperability, and growth plans.

The result of which, the Business Viability Scorecard, provides not only a comprehensive assessment but an actionable roadmap for product validation, market entry, business model and business value of data.

Market Ready
Reach for growth
Milestone Execution
Success with early adopters
Angel Ready
Proof of concept created
Value Defined
Three-part value proposition defined
Concept Stage
Prototype developed

Presenting Investment Opportunities to Funding Sources

As a part or our engagement with health tech clients, Green Room also makes introductions between health tech companies and funding sources. We do not act as a broker nor solicit success fees. We simply work with our clients to help them understand their options and assist in decision making with their business goals and stage of development in mind.

When presenting a company for investment potential, Green Room will provide an investment opportunity summary in the format below. Following an introduction, the relationship is yours.

What does the company do
Stage and current funding ask
Summary of current funding ask
Use of Funds
How funds will be used
Status of revenue build
Current valuation
Previous Funding
Nondilutive and investor funding
Estimated Exit
Summary exit plan; when, who, how much
IP Status
Summary of IP portfolio
Regulatory Status
Regulatory approval status
Risk Mitigation
Steps taken that enhance viability

When Should You Contact Green Room

Reach out to the team at Green Room Technologies when you:

  • Are seeking deal flow in healthcare technology related fields
  • Have a company you would like our team to evaluate
  • Require an actionable roadmap for business viability

Learn More!

Evaluating and De-Risking Health Tech Investments

Green Room Technologies leverages extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare technology to help companies who have developed unique and valuable products successfully to market, creating viable, thriving business.

Start with Green Room’s exclusive Business Viability Assessment or explore our online resources for Market and Technology Readiness. Learn more here…

Green Room Technologies | Turning Good Ideas Into Good Business

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