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Technology Readiness Brief:

Green Room Technologies | Technology Readiness

Not all good ideas become good businesses.

In healthcare technology, business viability is often dependent on the interoperability of its products. Software and devices must receive and return data to the source platforms that healthcare professionals use in their day-today workflows. And, interoperability, as in through EHR app stores, has become a key means for market entry and growth.

Green Room assists healthcare technology companies in understanding and leveraging standards for interoperability and innovation as well as the sources and uses of data needed to assure adoption and enhance market growth.

Leveraging standards for interoperability and innovation

A Green Room Technology Readiness Assessment will help you uncover gaps in your data strategy and technology infrastructure and understand how employing standards (e.g. the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR) in your product development roadmap will enable opportunities to create innovative, scalable solutions for real world problems.

In doing so, we will consider and discuss the relevance of emerging standards and community
projects such as those referenced below.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions
FHIR Accelerator Projects
Da Vinci
App Framework
Higher Level Languages
CDS Hooks

Leveraging the FHIR Interoperability Ecosystem

In the United States, ONC and CMS interoperability rules are accelerating industry deployment of healthcare infrastructure based on the HL7 FHIR standard.

ONC and CMS rules require support by EHR vendors for a subset of the patient data that can be represented in FHIR. In the health tech industry, software vendors and healthcare organizations are collaborating in HL7 FHIR Accelerator projects to define and test Implementation Guides for specific area such as: exchange of data between payers and providers, clinical research, consumer directed patient data access, cancer care and social determinants of health.

Green Room will help you identify how your product can leverage these efforts and where strategic partnerships can enable you to focus your limited resources on your unique product capabilities.

Innovating Within the FHIR Interoperability Ecosystem

Advanced features of the FHIR data model, the software tools for implementing FHIR-based apps and FHIR-based higher level languages enable rapid implementation of innovative healthcare solutions.

Beyond just exchanging data, the FHIR interoperability ecosystem includes the SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks frameworks that enable automatic launching of your software from an EHR leveraging OAuth2 and OpenID protocols for authentication and authorization.

Green Room will help you design your healthcare solution so that you optimize use of existing and future capabilities in the FHIR interoperability ecosystem.

When Should You Contact Green Room?

Reach out to the team at Green Room Technologies:

  • During the product planning process to define the role of your product in the existing and future FHIR interoperability ecosystem and formulate a product marketing strategy
  • During the product design process to optimize your use of FHIR ecosystem capabilities and identify strategic partners so you can focus on your unique product features

Is Your Technology Ready!

Green Room Technologies leverages extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare technology to help companies who have developed unique and valuable products successfully to market, creating viable, thriving business.

Start with Green Room’s exclusive Business Viability Assessment or explore our online resources for Market and Technology Readiness. Learn more here…

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